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Pet Emergency

Pet Emergencies With Our Virginia Beach Veterinarians

When a dog or cat has veterinary emergency where an injury is incurred, knowing how to react is a must. Contact Providence Square Veterinary Clinic if you believe your pet is in danger. Our Virginia Beach veterinarians are on-hand at a moment's notice to tend to pets needing assistance. Here is some information about pet injuries and how our Emergency Animal Hospital can help.


Common Pet Emergency Occurrences

There are several reasons why someone would need to bring their dog or cat to a Pet Emergency facility for medical help. If a pet gets hit by a vehicle or gets into a fight with a wild animal, getting to a doctor immediately is necessary. A pet that eats a poisonous substance, that suffers from a broken bone, or that is at risk of a lethal situation also requires a checkup to get proper care, fast. Other common injuries include heat stroke, loss of muscle usage, sudden blindness, deep, bleeding wounds, and slip and fall accidents.

How To Handle An Emergency 

If your pet sustains an injury, it is best to get them to an Emergency Animal Hospital immediately. Rather than wait around to see if your pet gets better, having an assessment done by our staff members ensures treatment is administered in a timely manner. Waiting could cause your pet great distress, ample pain, and a possibility of further injuries or even death if they are suffering from a major injury. Do your best to remain calm as your actions are felt by your pet. Comfort your pet with a soothing voice and a comfortable blanket while in transit to our hospital. 

Emergency Services With Our Veterinarians in Virginia Beach

If possible, give a call to our Emergency Animal Hospital if you believe your pet is suffering from an extensive injury. Our practitioners will be on standby, awaiting your arrival with your dog or cat. This will ensure your pet is seen promptly, helping to get them the help they need immediately. Our staff is also available to answer questions via a phone call to help you give your pet necessary the proper care before your arrival.

Contact Our Veterinarians Today

If you require help for a pet that has been injured, contact Providence Square Veterinary Clinic to alert staff members of your pet's condition. Be sure to give detailed information so proper treatment of your pet is conducted until they can be seen by our veterinarian. Call us at (757) 495-2961 to find out more about our Virginia Beach Animal Hospital and how we can help your cat or dog in a pet emergency today.


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